Historically Black Colleges And Universities Tour Experience
Student Criteria & Contract

For students to be eligible for the tour criteria must be met:

  • Grades 8th-12th
  • Minimum G.P.A. of 2.25
  • A letter of recommendation from school counselor or principal
  • No 4’S or 5’S on social work habits
  • Submit a two-paragraph essay indicating tour learning objectives
  • Recent photo
  • Meet all requirements of the 2017 Tour Contract

     If you would like make a tax-deductible contribution, it can be submitted here:

           PO Box 7314
Grand Rapids, MI 49510

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Our kickoff event for the year is the HBCU Fair. This fair takes place in the fall in the Grand Rapids area. This fair brings HBCU admissions representatives as well as HBCU alumni together to greet students. 

Tour Experience Workshops

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