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Historically Black Colleges And Universities Tour Experience
Our Mission
Encouraging ALL students to enthusiastically pursue their life’s goals through education by giving them the opportunity to EXPERIENCE the widest possible variety of HIGHER EDUCATION CHOICES.  

HBCUTE History

In 1985, Shirley Ann Allen had a dream and vision to give students the opportunity to experience the widest possible variety of higher education choices. She began meeting and working with young people in her home and spreading information through the inter-city 4-H Club group.  In 1989 she and 2 committed volunteers, Sidney Bailey and Earnestine Tolbert, launched the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Tour Experience.

In addition to visiting the colleges and universities, the tour includes visits to locations that offer a rich educational and cultural tour experience for the students. Each year we strive to take 2 busloads of students and chaperones to experience college settings to expose students to a variety of academic opportunities; as well as learning the many benefits of attending institutions of higher learning.

The HBCUTE is a volunteer-driven, 501(c)3 nonprofit agency affiliated with local community organizations and schools. The purpose of the HBCUTE is to provide students with exposure to the quality education provided by historically black colleges and universities through several opportunities, which include:

  • HBCU Fair
  • Tour Experience Workshops
  • Elite Educationalist Award Gala
  • HBCU History Workshops
  • HBCU Tour Experience. 

Many students who have shared this experience would not have had the opportunity to do so if it was not for the generous hearts of giving of individual donors, groups, and corporations.








 Student Feedback

"One thing I will take from this tour is to do better in school and keep grades up." - Clarence

"After this tour I realize that I need to make sure I work harder in class so I can be the one that makes it." - Robert

"Now i'm going to really get down to business and get serious about school." - Anonymous

"Now I see why you shouldn't slack off in school." - Anonymous

"Take school more serious to get you where you want to go." - Anonymous

"We need to learn more about our history and help the community." - Anonymous

"I really liked the positivity of the whole tour. I'm glad I agreed to come and experience it all. The advice from the leaders to maintain good study habits and to be responsible even though you are from home." - Bria

"I need to work harder to get to my goals and college." - Armani

"I will take the information on slaves through life and the college information. Thank you, I appreciate this and see you next year." - Anonymous

"I will take the information from all the slaves, because it shows what my ancestors went through." - Anonymous

"I take the principle behind the tolerance wall and do my part to improve the world. I feel empowered to improve the world" - Anonymous

"I learned that if your GPA isn't the highest don't let that stop you from achieving." - Anonymous