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Student Feedback

My mom made me go on this tour. I didn't want to go. I can't believe she was SO RIGHT! I am definitely going to an HBCU! - Anonymous 

"I learned that everyone needs to do things for the community." - Jacari

"I need to work harder and not let college slip away." - Anonymous

"The trip was good. I learned a lot about the HBCU's and the historic sites were elating. I learned the things about Willie Lynch and way of training black people to be slaves and I will try to break that cycle." - Charias

"I need to work harder to earn scholarships. I enjoyed this so much and I'm sad it's over." - Anonymous

"I need to strive to be a better student and person because of all the privileges we have now that our ancestors didn't have." - Anonymous

"It's great knowing that I can go to a black college and be myself and receive a great education. I would like to thank the HBCUTE for such a great opportunity to learn about the different black colleges. As my first year I have learned a lot about each college. I will most definitely attend a black college. Also the chaperones were great." - Anonymous

"The stories my grandmother tells me make more sense now. I hate that she experienced so much bad stuff. I will not let her down. I will graduate from college!"
"Because of this tour I received my first college acceptance letter. I didn't even think I could get in to college, but now I am going for sure!" - Anonymous

"I will try to get the word out to others & I now have a place to go to be with "my people" & the ones it made it possible. I'm really glad I got the chance to go because I learned A LOT more than I thought I would." - Anonymous

"I will remember not to let other people put me down." - Anonymous

"I learned new things about my heritage that I didn't know before and I will remember those things that people fought for us to make our lives better and try to see what I can accomplish like they did." - Anonymous

"I met a black student working on her PhD in Pharmacy!" - Anonymous

"I need to have more self-respect about my race and especially what they've contributed to history, period. Thanks for caring so much in the first place to take us on this trip! Thanks to all the chaperones! Peace & love to all!!" - Anonymous

"This tour helped me to realize I need to be more respectful to our people & elders." - Anonymous